Watching out for Our Health

I have been reading up on a lot of different health topics recently. I had a scare in my family when my brother had chest pains, and we were all relieved to find out it was just indigestion. It scared me enough though to want to get healthier and help my family get the same way too. I have never had any health issues myself, but I learned a good bit from sites like That is where I learned about Coenzyme Q10, which is something that is naturally found in our bodies.

It is in every single cell in a body, and these cells use the CoQ10 to do just about anything and everything for the body. What I was mostly interested in though was the fact that it helps to protect the heart. » Read more: Watching out for Our Health

Laboratory Equipment Supplies

People are generally glad and proud about the advances that science and technology is making and the contributions this advance make to all areas of life, especially medicine. Medical science has progressed so much today that there is treatment for all kinds of diseases. A few decades back this was not the case. The number of people who died per year in every country was so high, some due to unrecognised diseases, some because there was no treatment available for the disease diagnosed. Today, however, there are various ways to diagnose and treat even complex diseases, thanks to the highly advanced equipment that populates medical laboratories. In other words, the laboratory equipment supplies that reach the various hospitals and clinics are so development technologically that you could count on them to regain your health very soon.

Laboratory equipment supplies are of various types and are meant for various purposes. There are large machines used for testing blood, urine or tissue samples, for X-rays and scans, ECG, etc. There are smaller items as well such as syringes, needles, masks, etc. to prevent infections as well as other tools like scalpels, scissors, vials and so on. While some of these are a one-time investment and can be used repeatedly, the smaller items are for one-time use and have to be disposed after the initial use.

There was a time when you had to travel internationally to check out and purchase the various lab equipment supplies required for your hospital. Even if you are administrating a small clinic, you needed to make sure that the supplies you are purchasing are of the topmost quality and reliability. However, today with so many international brands and laboratory equipment suppliers going online, you could save a lot of your time, money and efforts by checking out the products you want online and often purchase from the same store.

Purchasing laboratory equipment supplies is extremely convenient; however, you need to be more careful here as there are several factors that you need to check before you buy. Here are a few of them that you can keep in mind.

Reliable and quality website

When you search for an online store to purchase equipment for a medical laboratory it is important that the online store you buy from is trustworthy and of good quality. There are a lot of spam sites that might either sell damaged products or just take your order and payment and don’t respond. Hence, make sure that the website that you are buying from is genuine and safe. You can do this by verifying the contact details, checking the social media websites, etc.

Quality of the products

When it comes to medical products, quality is the first priority. So ensuring that the products sold in an online store are of first-rate quality is very important. You cannot afford to have a damaged or expired product even by mistake. When you are purchasing online, ensuring the quality is not easy as you don’t see the product before you buy. However, you can check the feedback from the customers and reviews before you purchase. Taking part in online chats and forums also will tell you whether a product is good or not.

Price and offers

Purchasing laboratory equipment supplies from online stores has a great benefit, that of comparing the prices of products in different stores without any difficulty. You could easily compare the price of an item and make your decision. Also, when you purchase from the same store repeatedly, you become a valuable customer and thus get many offers and discounts.

Besides the comfort and convenience that online shopping provides, you get the opportunity of international shopping right from your home. While science has offered so many marvellous products to make life easier, it has also provided the Internet to make the purchase also easier.

Health Care Careers – 8 Among the Hottest Professions in Health Care

Several people hold the mistaken belief that occupations inside the health care business are restricted to primary patient caregiving. The truth is, you will find a wide variety of full-time options for skilled job seekers.

In fact, as the U.S. population continues to get older, health care employment opportunities are some of quickest growing within the nation and around the globe.

The following is a range of eight among the hottest occupations in healthcare at this time:

1. Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselors help men and women to take care of emotional problems and also to maximize mental well-being using a variety of treatments. Registered consultants ordinarily require a Master’s education to be able to qualify.

2. Pharmacists

Pharmacists disperse medicines prescribed by doctors. These people moreover help to inform people concerning the drugs they fill and their best usage, which includes recommended specifics about dosage, uncomfortable side effects and contraindications. A diploma from a college of pharmacy is necessary for this role.

3. Medical Researchers

Healthcare researchers conduct study on human illnesses to help create practical remedies to human health diseases. These successes include vaccines and drugs. Professional medical scientists are able to furthermore execute medical research, transcribing, drug evaluation and specialized writing. A successful applicant will need to have a doctorate diploma in the field of biology or a related field.

4. Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists encode dictated recordings produced by physicians and some other medical workers. The particulars incorporate reports, observations and correspondence that may well in the end become part of the patient’s medical archives. A healthcare transcriptionist may be educated in a specialized university or a business facility to attain a certificate.

5. Medical Records Technicians

Professional medical records technicians own the primary responsibility of maintaining and checking the accuracy of the patient’s health-related records such as exam results, medical background, lab reports, diagnoses, etc. An associate degree from a school is essential coupled with a broad degree of knowledge in scientific disciplines and medical science.

6. Lab Technicians

Laboratory technicians do tests that can lead to the diagnosis or recognition of the person’s disorder. They might furthermore analyze and report it to the the person’s personal medical doctor. A bachelor’s degree in professional medical technology and wide-ranging foundational experience will assist to position an individual to be an appealing applicant.

7. Physical Therapists

Physical therapists offer services meant to restore a person’s bodily functionality, increase range of motion, decrease suffering and prevent permanent harm to people with physical disabilities. A bachelor’s diploma in physical therapy is recommended to qualify.

8. Medical and Health Service Managers

Health service managers develop, manage and organize health care functions. A Master’s degree in public health or health sciences will go a long way in readying a person for this kind of position. However, for a few openings, a college degree will suffice.

The Health Care Landscape

Unlike some dying industries, the health care field is here to stay. For that reason alone, many professionals-to-be are looking into a health care school in order to jump on the lucrative bandwagon. Beyond becoming a doctor, the demand is strong for health care workers across the board. From nursing to administration and everything else in between, a health care program can get you started on a reliable career in health care.

Health Care School Demands

Victoria Clinton, coordinator of the medical assisting department for the San Mateo County Community College district, says many schools have had to accommodate for the increasing need of nurses. “The outlook for employment in the medical field remains excellent. In 2004 the department and faculty moved from the College of San Mateo to a brand new facility at Canada College,” she explains. “The Medical Assisting Department in the San Mateo County Community College district has been serving the medical community since 1964.” And a brand new facility for the health care program was built on the campus of Canada College in 2004 to meet student demand.

Moreover, Victoria O’Donnell, dean of science and technology at Canada College in Redwood City, CA says their school offers a bachelor’s degree in nursing in partnership with San Francisco State University in addition to medical assisting, radiologic technology, and health science. “Our core science programs have been impacted by student demand to enter medical fields,” she says. “We’ve had to add biology, chemistry and organic chemistry courses in the last year.”

About the Nursing Biz

There are many opportunities in nursing. You can be a registered nurse, charge nurse, or even a lactation specialist. If you were to become a head nurse, for instance, your job would entail planning and implementing the overall nursing policies, procedures, and services for a hospital’s unit. You’d have to maintain the nursing staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees. Ensuring that nurses are current in competency, assessments, licensure, certifications, and other annual training is also a big part of the role. In order to be a head nurse, you must be a registered nurse with at least five years of clinical experience in a related field.

Although it sounds like a lot of work, it pays off. The median expected salary for a typical head nurse in the United States is $79,590.

There’s More to a Health Care Degree than Nursing

O’Donnell points out another placement some aspiring health care enthusiasts neglect to consider. “We have many students wanting to enter the health care field and most of them are interested in nursing programs. Because of how greatly impacted nursing programs have become, I am encouraging these students to explore ancillary health care and related careers like radiologic technology, respiratory technicians, dialysis technicians, and chemical laboratory technicians,” she says.

“As the nursing shortage continues, such ancillary positions will likely become more necessary. Students interested in careers in science and health care may find equally satisfying careers through educational programs that are not so impacted,” O’Donnell adds.

Career in Health Care Administration

And let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes administrative staff. Paperwork may not seem all too glamorous, but a career in health care administration can also mean big bucks, great responsibility, and plenty of opportunities.

An admissions coordinator from a nursing home, for instance, reviews the admitting department operations in a nursing home environment. He or she will ensure compliance with certain standards that nursing home upholds. While this health care professional primarily oversees the in-patient/out-patient functions of a nursing home, he or she is also in charge of bed assignments and completion of preliminary paperwork for entering patients.

It’s still an intense career that pays out a median expected salary of $39,514, whereby you will have to work with the medical, nursing, and accounting staff to ensure appropriate patient placement. Since this position, as well as other in health care administration, requires a bachelor’s degree, it’s important to earn a health care degree from a reputable health care school so you can become familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures.

Laboratory Ergonomics – Avoid Injuries and Accidents

Ergonomics is a workplace design science, which aims to make the job, the equipment and the work area fit the worker. Proper ergonomic design is necessary to avoid injury to workers which can lead to time off sick, or even to long term disability. This article explains some of the ways in which management and workers in a laboratory setting can benefit from provision of an online laboratory ergonomics course.

The costs to industry of illness such as back pain and repetitive strain injury are substantial. Costs may include payment of compensation to workers injured at work, the cost in sick pay for workers who have been injured, and the costs of hiring agency workers to cover for absences. There is also a demoralizing effect for workers whose employer does not take workplace safety seriously. This can lead to low productivity, high staff turnover and high absentee rates.

For the employees in a laboratory there are a number of risks to health which can be minimized by a proactive approach to laboratory ergonomics. Design of the work environment is important to minimize risks, as is comprehensive training for staff. Management should recognize that each worker knows his or her own abilities and limitations, and the training should ensure that workers know how to identify and implement improvements which could be made in their own workplace.

A laboratory ergonomics course is a good way to ensure that employees understand the risks of injury which they may face in the workplace. Courses of this nature can be delivered online.

A good course should introduce the worker to the concept of ergonomics. Although a lot of the science is in fact common sense it is something that employees and managers may not think about too much until an accident or injury actually occurs. Teaching the concept of ergonomics will help workers understand the need for identification of the repetitive and physically difficult parts of their jobs, and it will encourage them to make the changes which make the workplace safer.

The course should show workers how the work area has often been designed around the average person. It should emphasize how supervisors and workers need to adjust the workplace for each individual. For example for a tall (or a short) person the work surface may need to be raised (or lowered) slightly, chairs may need to be adjusted, tools may be rearranged so they can be reached more easily and any overstretching should be eliminated. The aim here is that the workers body should spend most time in the neutral position where it is under the least amount of stress.

Besides the work station itself there are items of equipment which can cause problems if not chosen or set up correctly. Surprisingly even a simple item like a pair of gloves can be a problem. Badly fitting gloves, and gloves which are much larger and thicker than they need to be, can put unnecessary stresses on the hands and wrist. The worker in badly fitting gloves may grip objects much more tightly than necessary, and may put his tendons under a lot of strain causing painful swelling. Also if gloves are too tight around the wrist they can cause injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome which is very painful.

A good introduction course to laboratory ergonomics will encourage staff and supervisors to understand the issues of workplace safety, and will empower them to make relevant improvements to the work area and work practices

Usana Health Sciences – Con Or Legit – Business Review

Usana Health Sciences was founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, who has a background in microbiology and immunology. Founded in Salt Lake City, Utah Usana was started by Wentz to create high quality supplements, foods and personal care products. Dr. Wentz also began Gull Laboratories for research and development and Sanocic Medical Institute which is a holistic medical facility in Baja California.


Nutritionals – This line has the usual line of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that supply essential nutrients for every age group. This group also has what are called optimizers which, even though they are not necessary for sustaining life, they increase health and vitality. This line contains products like ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto and fish oils.

Diet and Energy – This line has the traditional diet supplements like protein bars, protein shakes and fiber products. There is also an energy line called rev3. These products offer nutrition and energy for the person with an active lifestyle.

Personal Care – The personal care line contains products like shampoos, conditioners and lotions.There is also an extensive list of skin care products for the person looking to decrease wrinkles and firm skin for a younger look. The personal care line even has a natural toothpaste.

The Opportunity

Usana is a network marketing company that uses independent representatives to promote the products. Just like most companies the reps have the opportunity to make retail profits on sales of the product but can also benefit from a residual income that is produced from recruiting other reps or team member to help promote the products. The more your team sells the more and recruits the more commissions are earned.

Usana uses one of the better compensation structures which is the binary compensation plan. You develop a left team and a right team. As each team grows and sells product sales volume increases in each side. An example of how it works would be a reps left side reaching 1000 points in volume and the right side reaching 1000 point in volume resulting in a check being earned for $200.

In conclusion, Usana Health Sciences is a legitimate company with beneficial products and is not a scam. Just because some people can’t make the business plan work doesn’t mean it is not a legitimate company that provides quality products. But, to make this business a success you will be expected to recruit family and friends, attend hotel meetings, host and attend home presentations and attend company sponsored events. If you don’t mind doing these thing Usana will probably work for you. If not there are many other opportunities available that use internet marketing to promote a business and help create a flow of traffic for you to tap into that isn’t just family and friends.